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“Anthony has been vital to the success of our company. Not only does he provide us with great rates on our insurance, but he has helped us to obtain bonding on some very key projects. Our company would have missed out on some exciting opportunities if it were not for Anthony. I can literally say that he has helped us in ways that I think very few others could have. He will always go the extra mile to see that you succeed.”

General and Artisan Contractor, Mississippi


"Anthony's customer service and ability to get things done is a very rare trait in the insurance world. His response time is second to none and has helped my company tremendously in providing top notch service. Every time we need something he immediately gets on top of it and handles with great ease, and I never worry about it getting accomplished. I had a situation where another insurance agent failed to get the bonding done in an appropriate time-frame and literally was 24 hours from costing me millions of dollars in projects. I called Anthony, and he graciously accepted the challenge and completely saved my deals. He got the bonding done and was very thorough and professional throughout the process. Words cannot express my gratitude for Anthony and his willingness to fight for his clients and to help them grow their business. I highly recommend Anthony for all insurance and bonding needs. His experience and background in the industry and ability to navigate and close deals is just awesome to watch. Thank you Anthony, and we are proud to do business with you."

General Contractor, Mississippi


“Gatta Insurance LLC and its managing member Anthony Gatta have provided us with excellent service concerning our insurance needs in a timely and cost effective manner. We highly recommend them to others.”

Developer, Property Manager and General Contractor, Alabama 


“Anthony Gatta is a pleasure to work with, and he is very knowledgeable about our company's insurance needs. He is super friendly, outgoing, and all around wonderful agent.”

Developer, Property Manager and General Contractor, Alabama


“While recently establishing an Architecture and Interior Design firm, I had a sizable list questions and concerns regarding the many types of coverage required. Anthony was very knowledgeable and very quick to respond to all of my questions. I was able to quickly lock in a suite of policies that were tailored to my unique needs. He is a valuable resource to anyone starting a new business.”

Architecture and Interior Design Firm, Georgia


“Anthony and his group are extremely knowledgeable and service oriented. Anthony himself took the time to work with me during the construction phase of our project to make sure that we had the best product at the best price when we went to market with our development. We finally needed it done in the 12th hour and he made it happen. I will continue to work with Anthony on our future projects.”

Developer and Property Manager, Louisiana and Mississippi


“Anthony was very informative in my process of switching insurance companies. I really thought that I was happy with my old company, but Anthony not only showed me where I could save money but also showed me areas where I was over insured and under insured. I would highly recommend using Anthony.”

Commercial/Residential Real Estate Broker, Mississippi


“Anthony and Amira have been nothing but helpful to me since I started working with them at Gatta Insurance. What made such a difference for me was the knowledge they have of all the different products out there and making sure that I'm covered with the correct product for my particular needs.  When I first started, Anthony and I sat down to coffee and went through all the ins and outs of my business. We discussed the risk and the possible pitfalls and in turn Anthony was then able to go back and make sure that I had a plan that was always going to be able to cover the type of risk I was taking on.”

General Contractor, Georgia


 “Anthony is a very skilled insurance consultant and understands my needs and the needs of commercial real estate property management professionals.”

Developer, Property Owner & Manager, Real Estate Broker, Mississippi


“Anthony is very professional and a pleasure to work with. He is persistent in every effort and does an excellent job for his clients. If you do not already know Anthony, I encourage you to do so.”

Insurance Company, Mississippi


“I've known and worked with Anthony for 8+ years, both personally and professionally. His professionalism and dedication to his customers is inspiring. I highly recommend Anthony!”

Insurance Company, Louisiana


“Anthony is very personable and easy to work with. He is very detail-oriented and has a great understanding of his industry. Working with Anthony in the past has always been a pleasure.”

General Contractor, Mississippi


“I am very impressed with Anthony's professionalism and strong desire to connect relationships in order to be successful. He is knowledgeable and handles himself the right way. Any potential client would be in good hands with Anthony working on their behalf.”

Insurance Company, Georgia


“Anthony is great about making sure you are getting all the necessary coverages you need to protect your investment while also getting the best price. Anthony has saved me and my clients literally tens of thousands in insurance premium that other companies were charging.”

Affordable Housing Property Manager & Real Estate Broker, Missouri


“Anthony is an experienced and dedicated insurance professional who serves his clients well and is a good business partner of the insurance companies he represents.”

Insurance Broker, Alabama  


“Anthony is a professional! He has a very strong knowledge of what it takes to make smart decisions for his clients. Personality and drive are also some of his stronger traits. I look to him for answers and he is always offering great advice when he feels it is of value.”

General Contractor, South Carolina


“Fantastic service. Great product for us. Thank you, Anthony!”

Developer, Mississippi


“Anthony on 2 separate occasions over the years of working with him put a better insurance policy in place for my company, when no one else could.”

General Contractor and Developer, Mississippi


“Anthony is a knowledgeable insurance agent whom I have used on many occasions. He maintains a driven work ethic and will always strive to bring you the best value for your business.”

General Contractor and Developer, Mississippi


“I have had the privilege of knowing Anthony Gatta for 18 years. In addition to high school, we attended the same university to earn our college degree and from there, entered into the insurance industry. Anthony is a proven leader in business and will no doubt continue to be a very successful entrepreneur.”

Insurance Company Director, Mississippi


“Anthony was so professional in his presentation of his services. It was detailed and applicable to my particular business. He was very knowledgeable about my industry, and it allowed me to relate better to his services and helped me to better understand the value and expertise he brought to the table. Anthony's customer service is impeccable and his ability to deliver great results has made us a very happy client.”

General and Artisan Contractor, Mississippi


“Anthony is a hands on kind of guy. Very responsible and detail oriented. I recommend him for all your insurance needs.”

Personal Insurance, Mississippi


“Anthony has a high level of and integrity and great follow through. Both are a rarity in today’s business world.”

Investment Banker, Mississippi


“Anthony has consulted with our company regarding insurance and construction market issues. I found him to be very helpful, professional and knowledgeable. Anthony is hardworking and a shrewd business professional.”

Construction Material Wholesale Distributor, Mississippi & Arkansas


Anthony is a dynamic and efficient insurance producer. I am amazed at the accounts he brings to the table. Others who have been in this business for decades would do well to study how Anthony does things. I would recommend Anthony Gatta for your insurance needs.

Insurance Broker, Alabama


“I really enjoyed working with Anthony! He is personable, friendly, thorough, and diligent. With Anthony's knowledge of the insurance industry, I felt we were in good hands and our insurance needs are being well taken care of. I will definitely be recommending him to friends and family in the future!”

Personal Insurance Client, Mississippi


“Anthony Gatta was very helpful in reviewing with me my exposure and what options there were to make sure that my family and I were covered in a way that was not only very comprehensive but also fit within our budget. I have dealt with many people in the insurance industry both personally and professionally, and can say that Anthony's level of service and integrity are matched by only the best of those and his personal commitment to others is quite rare.”

Personal Insurance Client, Alabama


“Anthony helped us to obtain insurance coverage on our newly constructed home at an extremely competitive rate and new coverage for our automobiles. He is one of the most professional individuals I have ever worked with. You can be confident that Anthony will provide competitive rates and, more importantly, GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE. I highly recommend you use Anthony for all of your insurance needs.”

Personal Insurance Client, Mississippi


“We just transferred our insurance from Kemper to Nationwide using Anthony Gatta as our new agent. Even though Anthony is out of state, he made the whole process very easy. He told us we had too much coverage on our home and thus, our premium was too high. For our autos, he increased our coverage and still saved us money on our premium. I would highly recommend Anthony for an insurance agent. His thoroughness was greatly appreciated.”

Personal Insurance Client, Mississippi