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Our program is the best around.

Restaurants come in all shapes and sizes. Whether it’s fine dining, family fare or fast food, Gatta Insurance can cook up exactly what your restaurant needs.  If your operations are spread amongst different cites and states or confined to one location, either scenario is great.  We cater to small and large accounts alike.  We carefully design a restaurant insurance program aimed at protecting your business and customers. Our insurance program includes the special coverages your business needs to thrive in addition to plenty of enhanced coverages and related life insurance protection. The result is a unique business owner’s package that is good for your business.

What can happen?

In your business, just about anything can happen.  Some examples include:

  • Customers can slip and fall
  • Kitchens catch fire
  • When storms blow in, lights go out and food can spoil
  • Sometimes, patrons become ill from contaminated food. And when they do, health authorities may shut you down


What you can do about it.

Let Gatta Insurance help you avoid trouble. We know the restaurant business and the kinds of financial losses you can experience. We took that knowledge and rolled it into a unique package that fits the needs of restaurants owners exactly. Here are some of the many ways our insurance program can protect your business:

Liability coverage Today, everyone knows a lawyer and how to sue. Slips and falls. Food poisoning. Bad acts by an employee. Charges of libel or slander. A customer’s deadly allergic reaction to an ingredient you didn’t list on the menu. The list of acts that can make you a defendant is endless but the answer is simple. You get hefty liability insurance protection as part of your Gatta Insurance policy.

Food contamination E-coli. Hepatitis. This could be real trouble. If the worst happens, you could be shut down. All of a sudden, you have no business. No income. Just expenses: cleaning your premises, replacing the bad food, medical tests and treatment for employees and patrons who get sick.

If you have a Gatta Insurance policy, you have the coverage to pay for those losses. Our policies even help with the cost of advertising aimed at restoring your reputation.

Food spoilage Hurricanes, ice storms, thunderstorms. Mother Nature can cut power faster than an overdue electric bill. Freezers don’t freeze. Lights don’t light. Food goes bad. Even if you have power, refrigeration equipment can go on the blink. Same result. Spoiled food. With a Gatta Insurance policy, we’ll replace your spoiled food with a fresh claim check.

Money Anything to do with money can create a loss for a restaurant owner. Theft and robbery are two ways, but there are others. Forged deposit slips. Missing credit card slips. Counterfeit currency. The solution is to make sure you have a Gatta Insurance policy.

Lost income Suppose your phones go dead. Your sinks go dry. Or your power goes out. When property that supplies your electric, water, gas or communications gets damaged, business gets disrupted. Yet, most policies don’t help you. (What about yours?) With Gatta Insurance, you have built-in coverage for the loss of income you sustain after the first 12 hours following loss of off-premises utility services. We also provide unlimited business income and extra expense coverage for up to a full year following covered damage on your premises.

We’ve only highlighted some of the main features of our insurance program. There are lots more, like:

  • Money and securities If your cash, credit card slips and other securities are stolen or destroyed, you’re covered
  • Accounts receivable We provide extra coverage to help you "recoup" money owed to you that destroyed records prevent you from collecting
  • Glass breakage Your interior and exterior glass on all levels is specially insured against breakage—with no deductible
  • Outdoor signs Whether or not your signs are attached to your buildings, they’re covered—with no deductible


Optional coverages for your business

Gatta Insurance offers an array of options to complement your fundamental program. And, through our life insurance affiliate, in most states you can further supplement your program with group life insurance, business life for owners and key employees, and simplified pension plans tailored to your business.

Some of the options include:

  • Employee dishonesty With your choice of limits per occurrence
  • Systems breakdown For heating, air conditioning and electrical systems used to maintain your business
  • Equipment Breakdown Comprehensive coverage to insure your information processing systems against mechanical breakdown, electrical or magnetic erasure of tapes, sabotage and many other types of loss. Covers both your hardware and software
  • Group coverages Group term life and short-term or long-term disability coverage is available to protect—and help you retain—your employees. The cost is surprisingly low
  • Business continuation This coverage integrates a funded buy/sell agreement into your plan, protecting the interest of the owners and the future of your operations
  • Building ordinance or law coverage To cover increased costs in construction related to local or federal regulations
  • Employment practices liability This coverage protects you against loss resulting from a wide range of employee lawsuits, including discrimination, sexual harassment and wrongful termination
  • Employee benefits liability coverage To protect you against errors and omissions in administering your employee plans
  • Low-cost fidelity bond If you provide a qualified pension plan, this is the ideal way to meet your legal requirements (ERISA) to protect plan participants against theft of funds
  • Workers compensation Yes, this absolutely essential coverage is available for your business


Life insurance to protect you and your business

We can also handle all of your business life insurance needs. Some examples include:

  • Key employee coverage Designed to protect your business upon the loss of a key employee. Funds can be used to find, hire and train a replacement, as well as compensate for lost business during the transaction
  • Simplified pension plans Owners of small businesses can turn to either a SEP-IRA or a Simple IRA to get the benefits of a qualified pension plan without the higher administrative costs and paperwork hassles
  • Debt protection This coverage can secure the funds needed to pay off a company’s debt upon the death of an owner, helping the business continue as a viable entity during this difficult time
  • Non-qualified executive plans A business may want to reward key people in the organization with such executive plans as deferred compensation, executive bonus and split dollar coverage. Each plan rewards the executive while tying them more closely to the continued success of the business


Restaurants and the Hospitality industry rely on Gatta Insurance to manage risks unique to this industry. Our experienced agents have expertise and understanding of these risks and can provide coverage for:

  • Family-style restaurants
  • Quick Service (Fast food chains and franchises)
  • Fine dining establishments
  • Dining Theaters
  • Taverns, Bars, Lounges and Cafés
  • Cafés, Coffee/Donut Shops and Bakery/Pastry Shops
  • Franchise, franchisee, groups and associations
  • Hotels


Premiums are based on:

  • Building construction material i.e.; age and history
  • Risk location
  • Fire protection
  • Burglary protection
  • Occupancy class
  • Gross receipts and seating capacity
  • Past claims experience
  • Limits and values
  • Deductible amounts


Many of our clients participate in Risk Management programs and have strict House Alcohol Policies.

A risk management program could include:

  • Provide and maintain training for all serving staff through Smart Serve and/or any other approved program
  • Establish written procedures for the sale of alcohol to be followed by all staff, reinforce and support staff
  • Aintain an activity log to record possible incidents


A Sample House Alcohol policy could include:

  • Monitoring the door- Entrance/Exit/First point of service- ID verified where appropriate, service denied to rowdy or intoxicated guests, control access to avoid overcrowding
  • Provide a food menu to encourage consumption of food
  • Offer low cost non-alcoholic beverages
  • Encourage designated drivers
  • Post notices to inform guests of the house rules
  • Maintain stairs, floors free of debris
  • Refuse service to intoxicated guests


If your company is looking for additional coverage afforded through our policy and make certain that you don’t have any gaps of coverage in your policies, Gatta can put a program together tailored for your business.